SHE-DRAGON: Hillary Took 4 Days Off And Comes Back A NASTIER Wench

Published on September 17, 2016

Has anyone tried giving her a Snickers? Maybe that’ll help.

Hillary Clinton, after 25 years in government, has no marketable record to sell to the public. Last night, another $250,000 per plate Clinton Foundation gala-aka Bill’s birthday party, took place. Hillary should stick with being an elite party planner and leave running the country to others who care about things other than money.

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, is doing a brilliant job contrasting Hillary’s nothing but negative campaigning with Donald Trump continued the approach to help return America to that shiny city on a hill. Think about how great she is, then contrast her to the women of the Democratic Party leadership team…..Debbie Wasserman? Nancy Pelosi? Elizabeth Warren? Hil-liar-y. Every one of them mental. I must say.
News Ninja

She must be in full panic. Someone who’s confident they’re in the lead speaks with a certain level of optimism and certainty. What we’re seeing with Hillary is cynicism ad desperation.

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