GUN GRABBER IN CHIEF: Obama Wants U.N. Firearms Treaty Ratified Before He Leaves Office

Written by K. Walker on September 25, 2016

The controversial UN ‘Arms Trade Treaty’ would impose heavy restrictions on manufacturers, sellers, and owners of firearms and ammunition. Obama wants to make sure the treaty is in place before he leaves office.

Remember when:


Obama has been working on the Arms Trade Treaty for a looong time.

The first step in implementation is that a comprehensive firearms registry must be established. After all, how can you be sure the arms weren’t purchased from across the border if you don’t know what’s already in the country?

With only months left before leaving office, President Obama is committed to securing ratification of the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

ATT has been an on again off again project of the Obama administration during both terms of his presidency, particularly his first term.

In 2013 the NRA warned: “This treaty threatens individual firearm ownership with an invasive registration scheme [and is full of regulations and requirements that are] blatant attacks on the constitutional rights of every law-abiding American.” The treaty does this, in part, by “[urging] record keeping of end users, directing importing countries to provide information to an exporting country regarding arms transfers, including ‘end use or end user documentation’ for a ‘minimum of ten years.’”

…Yet even with all the evidence and warnings that an international registry would certainly follow any U.S. agreement to comport with the treaty, and even though Republicans in the Senate had already made clear the treaty would not be ratified, Secretary of State John Kerry signed it on September 25, 2013. The goal appeared to be put everything in place so a future, Democrat-dominated Senate could revisit the ATT, ratify it, and get the U.S. on the road to international gun control.

And on September 11, The Daily Signal reported that Obama is still committed to ratification of the treaty before he leaves office, if he can find a way to secure it.
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A little background on the ATT:

Although a majority of the Senate rejected the treaty and have refused to ratify it, that didn’t stop Secretary of State John Kerry from signing it last year,[2013] making us a “signatory” and party to some aspects of the treaty…

…This is frightening to those of us who believe in the sovereignty of the United States and cherish our Second Amendment-protected natural right to keep and bear arms, a right the United Nations flatly rejects.

A “signatory” to the gun control treaty, the U.S. is now “obligated” to not do anything running contrary to provisions in the treaty. Additionally, the U.S. is expected to cooperate with the efforts of ratifying nations in implementing the treaty.

This is concerning, because the treaty calls for nationwide registration of civilian-owned firearms and places severe restrictions on the type and number of firearms, and even ammunition, that civilians can own.
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Another very disturbing part of this is that ‘Constitutional Law Professor’ Obama holds International Treaties as superior to the Constitution.

Justice Department attorneys are advancing an argument at the Supreme Court that could allow the government to invoke international treaties as a legal basis for policies such as gun control that conflict with the U.S. Constitution, according to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Their argument is that a law implementing an international treaty signed by the U.S. allows the federal government to prosecute a criminal case that would normally be handled by state or local authorities.

That is a dangerous argument, according to Cruz.

“The Constitution created a limited federal government with only specific enumerated powers,” Cruz told the Washington Examiner prior to giving a speech on the issue today at the Heritage Foundation.

“The Supreme Court should not interpret the treaty power in a manner that undermines this bedrock protection of individual liberty,” Cruz said.

In his speech, Cruz said the Justice Department is arguing “an absurd proposition” that “could be used as a backdoor way to undermine” Second Amendment rights, among other things.
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With Obama’s position on the Constitution (optional) and U.N. Treaties (mandatory) ratifying the ATT would be DISASTROUS for law-abiding, gun-owning Americans. The 2nd Amendment would be subserviant to the ATT.

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