HYPOCRITE: GUESS How Chelsea Clinton Traveled To The ‘CLEAN ENERGY Roundtable’?

Published on September 29, 2016

Cray-cray for the Environment! Chelsea can’t take a car or (heaven forbid!) a bus to the ‘Clean Energy Roundtable’ in Asheville, N.C., she had to take a Private Jet. The Environment will just have to understand.

Hey, Gaia! The Clinton camp has a slogan just for you. It’s not so much ‘Stronger Together’, but more along the lines of ‘Clintons: We’re Better Than You’.

That’s how the Clintons have been treating the rest of us for years.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Chelsea was campaigning with Hillary in Greenville, N.C., a 5 hour drive from Ashville.

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The ‘plan’ was to promote her mom’s clean energy plan.

Watch as Chelsea boards the plane:

Later, at the ‘Clean Energy Roundtable’, she brags about her Environmental cred:

How did those Environmentalists react when they learned that Chelsea arrived in a private jet?

Who cares? She’s a Clinton!

It’s OK. Mom will make it all better: she’ll just outlaw the coal industry!

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