Maybe if Hillary would tell the truth once in awhile, the public would be less cynical. Hillary’s collapse Sunday gave rise to another new speculation.

Is it legit? Is it ridiculous? Decide for yourself.

It has been suggested that Hillary makes use of a body double.

Celebrity impersonators are not a new thing. Singers, Actors, politicians, you name it. Some movies have even used Elvis impersonators as a plot point.

There have been politicians in the past who have used body doubles. Saddam Hussein was said to have several.

This theory blends the two ideas.

On one hand, we see superficial differences like hair and clothes.


Another image shows possible discrepancies in facial construction.


The video below takes a different approach. He lays out alleged differences between Hillary herself, and the proposed body double are explained, with his reasons given.

Considerations like actions of her security detail and differences in height are mentioned, for example. Watch and decide for yourself. Is this a crackpot theory? Is it the real deal?

Then weigh in with your conclusion.

Share if this would never have come up if she were honest with the Public.

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