QUESTION: Would You LOVE It If Hillary Had COUGHING Fits During Debates?

Hillary’s been putting the ‘HACK’ in ‘Political Hack’ for years. Recently she’s found some NEW ways! First, there was her (hackable) private server… and now with her disturbing coughing fits.

Oh, Hillary! Always ‘Progressive’!

hillary cough meme

Hillary Clinton caught a case of dry mouth on Monday afternoon that caused her to choke and cough through the first few minutes of her stump speech at a Labor Day event.

Clinton welled up as the coughing fit continued and told a park full of people in Cleveland, Ohio, that it was an ‘allergic reaction’ to Donald Trump.

‘Every time I think about Trump I get allergic,’ she whispered before she whipped out a glass of water from behind the podium and took a big gulp.

She tried again.

‘Boy we have 63 days to go.’ The coughing persisted.

The crowd could sense she was struggling and chanted her name as she waited for it to pass. Running mate Tim Kaine was sitting on stage behind her but didn’t attempt to assist her. He clapped along with the crowd as she pushed ahead.

She moved on to plan B and popped in a throat lozenge. ‘Woah,’ she said, grabbing and gulping the water again.

The Democratic presidential nominee regained enough strength to finish the speech. ‘Now, as I get over my allergic reaction,’ she said, moving on from her introductory statement.

At a critical moment, though, her first public remarks on Trump’s trip to Mexico, her voice gave way again.
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Watch Hillary cough uncontrollably and then try to catch her breath here:

She tries to pass it off as an ‘allergy to Trump’.


This isn’t the first time she’s had that difficulty.

Check out the coughing fit she has on her plane:

Yes, she did blame the coughing fit on seasonal allergies.

At this rate, she’s going to be finishing this campaign from inside an iron lung. (An iron lung, honestly is nearly as ‘cutting edge’ as what her doctors have her on for that mystery ailment.)

Can hardly wait for the debates! But… do you think she’ll live through them?

Hillary keeps telling us her health is not in question. Share this around to all your Liberal friends who actually BELIEVE her.

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