QUESTION: Michelle Says Trump ‘Traffics in Prejudice, Fears & Lies’ – Isn’t That HER Job?

Does she not know that she just gave a list of her own husband’s worst qualities? Good thing for him, Democrat Media are blind to anything remotely damaging their party.

So if a candidate is erratic and threatening, if a candidate traffics in prejudice, fears, and lies on the trail … If they disrespect their fellow citizens, including folks who make extreme sacrifices for our country … let me tell you that is who they are. That is the kind of president they’ll be,’ Obama said.

She said a president faces ‘life and death decisions’ in the job.

‘A president can’t just pop off,’ she said.

In another slight at Trump, who has promoted his hotels, golf courses, and other products throughout the campaign, she said the nation needs to elect ‘someone who’s not just in this for themselves, but for the good of this country.’

Here’s the video:

Prejudice? Fears? Lies? They’re lockstep with BLM, try to throw out a Homeschooling German family that was granted asylum for persecution… but has a catch-and-release attitude to illegal immigrants.

Disrespect… extreme sacrifices? You mean like the cop who just took a cleaver to his melon was ‘disrespected’ when Obama stood on an international stage and talked about ‘institutional racism”?

‘Pop off?’ — you mean like setting up Red Lines you have no intention of enforcing?

Traffics in Prejudice? Did you happen to notice the ‘mothers of the movement’ at your own party’s convention?

Fears and lies? ‘Does the phrase ‘bitter clingers’ mean anything to you?

Let’s just focus on lies. Maybe even just ONE lie. Let’s check the record!

Sound familiar?

And yes.. some of us knew what kind of race-baiting Liberation Theololgy-embracing social agitators you really are. We looked at who your friends were when you started. BLM? Not a new story. You launched your trip to the White House in the living room of a man who was part of ‘The Weather Underground’ which attacked police, including setting bombs. Trampling religious rights? Hardly surprising for someone who opposed the ‘born alive’ legislation, that would make abortionists attempt to preserve the life of any baby born alive.

But he is the same man who dresses up totalitarian impluses in compassionate language: ‘if it saves just one life’ *wipes tear*…

n’t Barack on the back nine when Trump was unloading an 18 Wheeler in Louisiana? A truck that he financed and stocked?

Nope. You — who for the first time in your life was proud to be an American, who takes vacations on the taxpayer dime that would pay for literally THOUSANDS of tuitions for inner-city kids. And wear a dress that costs more than the international median income.

Tell us MORE about who you don’t endorse for President. Shouldn’t you be more concerned with what your daughter’s been up to?

What’s that? Barack will take it as a ‘Personal Insult’ if we don’t vote for Hillary? Well BLESS YOUR HEART!

That will make millions of voters enjoy pulling the lever for Trump … THAT. MUCH. MORE. SATISFYING.

Especially those who felt your endless micromanaging and throwing overboard our honored traditions were ‘a personal insult’.

Share if Michelle’s glass house is WAY too fragile for throwing stones.

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