WATCH: Bitter Michelle Goes After Melania – Proves, Once Again, She’s LOW Class

Did Michelle just flash the creepiest ‘Mean Girls’ smile you’ve EVER seen?

First Lady Michelle Obama told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Tuesday night that she has no sympathy for Melania Trump with November’s presidential elections looming.

Obama, 52, was asked by Colbert if she had any ‘sympathy’ for the pressures Melania, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is facing.

However, Obama was unequivocal in her response saying Melania had a choice not to support her husband.

Host Colbert said he had some sympathy for Melania following the plagiarism scandal at the Republican convention in July.

She was accused of copying portions of a speech the First Lady had used in the past.

When Colbert questioned Obama over the matter, she gave a blunt response.

‘Yeah, that was tough,’ the First Lady said, letting out a sly smile.

Daily Mail

She seems to really ENJOY the politics of personal destruction.

In that case, no WONDER She’s proud of America ‘for the first time in her life’. Under her husband, that’s now POLICY.

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