Published on September 30, 2016

She lies even when lies gain her nothing, and REWARDS corruption among her inner circle, (looking at YOU, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). In that environment, even little inconsistencies begin to look suspicious.

Remember the health story? Cough, cough. ‘Feeling fine’… ‘Just allergies’… Doctor weighs in, gets his show cancelled… Collapse… ‘just overheated’… People tweet weather conditions… ok, it’s Pneumonia.

This is the deception Hillary’s famous for… she even had the primaries in her own ‘Democratic’ Party ‘rigged’. And when DWS resigned in shame? She was immediately snapped up by the Clinton campaign.

First off, we already knew Hillary had a custom-built podium, presumably to minimize the apparent difference in height between the candidates. That’s where this latest controversy begins.

First, there was the video clip from the end of the debate of someone (dubbed ‘The Cleaner’) taking a folder away from Hillary’s podium, before walking past the moderator’s table.

The question being asked by some, is ‘did Hillary have advance notice of the questions?’

Hillary seemed a little ‘too’ ready for the questions. Is this the same Hillary who didn’t understand that ‘C’ stood for Classified?

We now know who they guy in the clip is:

The Cleaner has been identified as Brady Williamson, a long time democrat operative and three-decade member of the democrat debate negotiation team:


One keen observer noticed a glint of light off of Hillary’s podium that was not seen on Trump’s.

If Hillary were generally thought to be honest, this would probably be waved away as a trick of the light shining off the polished wood. But Hillary has a track record of gaming the system, doesn’t she?

Notice which podium has all the activity around it? You weren’t the only one.

You probably want to watch this with the sound down, because it goes way past actual observable details, and ventures into wild conjecture, especially after the 10-minute mark. But it points out the observable differences between the podium that are giving some observers pause.

And again, we emphasize — if Hillary had been an honorable woman, none of this would EVER have even come up in the first place.

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