WATCH: Katy Perry STRIPS For Hillary, Madonna Joins Her & I’m OFFICIALLY Grossed Out

What would we do if we didn’t have celebrities telling us how to vote?

Frankly, we couldn’t think of two better role models for Hillary’s ‘woman-card’ campaign than Katy and Madonna. Look how quick they are to get naked. Isn’t that a great example for all those young girls out there? DEAL THEM IN!

Embracing those empowering feminist slogans…

‘Don’t let men objectify you!’

‘A woman is more than just her physical appearance.’

…they make their point by getting naked. Because being naked gets the point across that a woman is a real thinker.

For a ‘Feminist’ Hillary sure does get a weird crowd. Maybe it’s a new tactic: ‘Skanks for Hillary! We’re With HER!’

Add this new media darling to the list.

Katy Perry Hillary cheerleader:

Here is the Katy Perry ad:

Madonna follows Katy’s lead with this vomit-inducing Tweet:

Hey, Madonna! You demanded ‘Papa, Don’t Preach’ maybe you shouldn’t either:

Did you catch that in that post where she says she votes for ‘intelligence’ she misspelled ‘Hillary’?

Speaking of ‘intelligence’, is Madonna fine with ditzy Hillary who can’t use a new phone, so has to have them destroyed?

On the ‘equal rights for women’ issue, that one’s even harder to justify.

What about how she takes money from countries with ATROCIOUS records on women’s rights?

And Hillary’s well-known stance on the many, many women that accused Bill of sexual assault.

One specific case that doesn’t involve Bill, is when Hillary, as an attorney, claimed a 12-year-old rape victim ‘fantasized’ about older men and had evidence suppressed in the case.

That picture of Madonna with Hillary photoshopped in brings to mind the nasty kiss Madonna planted on Drake at Coachella 2015.

In case you want a revisit from your breakfast:

Katy, Madonna, you’re both supporting Hillary– ‘I’m With Her’ and all that.

Look at Drake’s reaction to that kiss. That’s how we feel about voting for Hillary. ‘I’m With Him’.

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