WATCH: Thug Drags COP Down Highway – Cop Gets LAST Laugh

If you try to pull a stunt like that with a cop, do you REALLY think it’s going to end well for you?

It started as a routine stop. Then the guy tried to make a run for it, dragging the cop behind him.

Precinct 5 Deputy Constable R Felix pulled the man over but when he opened the door to take a closer look, Ashtian Barnes drove off.
The harrowing footage shows Felix clinging on to the side of the car as Barnes tries to flee and opening fire before the vehicle comes to an abrupt halt.
A Texas grand cleared Felix of the unlawful killing of Barnes, 24, but his family are outraged at the decision.
Chilling dashcam video of a deadly officer involved shooting.

You guessed it. The guy got shot. Fatally.

Poor baby. Maybe nobody told him not to drag anyone down the road behind his car.

His parents are predictably outraged. And of course, BLM will soon add his name as a martyr to their ’cause’.

‘My son had no intentions on dying that day. He killed my son. He murdered my son,’ Barnes’ father, Tommy Barnes, told Click 2 Houston.

‘If you really look at the video closely and pay attention, he murdered my son.

‘The car didn’t move until he murdered my son. How would you feel if it was your son? It’s like cutting open a wound that wasn’t healed.’

…However, on Wednesday, a Harris County grand jury reached the decision to not indict that deputy constable.

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