BREAKING: Wikileaks REVEAL Top Clinton Staffers Bashing CHRISTIANS [Video]

Just for fun, replace every reference to Christianity with ‘Islam’ in this story and see if THAT would be offensive.

What catchy ‘phobia’ will CNN invent to denounce team Clinton on this one? Oh right. They LOVE to malign this group. Almost as much as they love the Clintons. It’s part of that ‘America doesn’t trust the media‘ dynamic.


Considering the only 3 times that Catholics have tilted toward Republicans in recent years were Nixon, Reagan, and Reagan, it seems a strange group to show contempt for.

But Hillary has nothing if not contempt for the little people in America.

We can just add Catholics to the list.

The anti-defamation league rightly raised the question:

It makes you wonder what ELSE they’re saying about Catholics.

Again, if they said anything HALF as contemptuous of — say — Islam — they’d be outed as BIGOTS, and run out of town on a rail.

Because we ‘hate bigotry’.

Except when we don’t.

Share if CNN would care about Catholic-bashing if they could use it to hurt Republicans.

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