DANG: What Obama Said About COMEY Will Have Hillary Crapping Her DEPENDS!

Obama FINALLY speaks out about reopening the FBI case.

Sorry Hillary, looks like Obama’s just not that into you.

She wants us to believe that Comey’s reopening of the FBI investigation is somehow a Republican’s fault. (Just like every other criticism of her is somehow her fault.)

The White House stood by FBI Director James Comey on Monday as a man of ‘integrity’ and ‘principle’ in the face of a Democrat-led assault on his character and intentions.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest would neither ‘defend nor criticize’ the letter Comey sent to Congress on Friday.

But the senior White House official said the president does not believe that the Republican law enforcement official is looking to ‘intentionally influence the outcome’ of the presidential election, despite Hillary Clinton’s and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid’s claims that he is.

‘The president’s assessment of his integrity and his character has not changed,’ Earnest said at his daily briefing. ‘The president doesn’t believe he’s secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party.’

So the FBI thinks they’re right to do this. The President doesn’t believe this is political interference. But Hillary’s entourage of lackeys and flacks (even those who DON’T work for CNN) are up in arms!

Her campaign chairman, John Podesta, told reporters, ‘By providing selective information, he has allowed partisans to distort and exaggerate to inflict maximum political damage.’

She was then backed up by Reid who accused Comey of violating the Hatch Act, which explicitly blocks most executive branch employees from engaging in political activity.

‘Through your partisan actions, you may have broken the law,’ Reid told Comey in a letter.

Hey Hillary… exactly WHEN did OBAMA become part of a Vast Right Wing conspiracy?

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