DEAR LADIES: Whiny & NASTY Liberal Hags Want YOU To BOYCOTT Ivanka’s Products – Will YOU?

The Left doesn’t ‘stand up’ to bullies. They ARE bullies. Here’s proof.

On the Right, if somebody annoys us, we can choose — as individuals — not to support that product. No problem. (See: NFL)

That’s VOLUNTARY. What you WON’T see us doing is bullying stores not to carry a product ‘tainted’ by association to a ‘wrong’ political ideology.

Although Ivanka was praised for wearing a $158 dress from her collection to the Republican National Convention in July, her father Donald’s controversial presidential bid is now reportedly hurting her business after a recent turn of events.

Some women are calling on the stores that carry the brand, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, to stop selling it because of her continuous support of her father Donald despite the allegations of sexual harassment against him.

…’If Ivanka Trump had distanced herself from the campaign I would not be boycotting her,’ Shannon Coulter, who called on Americans to boycott the brand earlier this month, told the Guardian. ‘But something changed for me when that tape was released.’

These are the same sort of people that tried to take down a restaurant chain because their Christian owner spoke favorably about traditional marriage, and ‘respectable’ sources like Huffpo dressed it up as a ‘hating gays thing’. When all was said and done, one rabid LGBT supporter actually shot a guy over it. Because ‘tolerance’.


It isn’t enough that they choose not to support a product.

They want to make sure nobody else can buy that product either. Becuase politics IS their religion, and heresy cannot be tolerated.

This only tips their hand and shows why they cannot be trusted with power. Their first instinct is always to crush dissent.

Before her dad was political, she was a strong woman, a fantastic success story, with a great line of clothes.

That was before she was labelled by the Left as ‘the enemy’.

Share if stores should be able to carry whatever clothing they damned-well please.

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