EAT THIS LIBERALS: Brutal Truth About Trump’s Taxes, The IRS & Barack

Published on October 1, 2016

There’s an easy answer to any claims that Trump has a ‘problem’ with his taxes…

it’s so simple, elegant, and perfect that we should have thought of this a long time ago.

We already know that the IRS has become weaponized as a political entity.

It was the question heard round the tax world. But it was the answer that made waves. In 2013, then Acting Director of Exempt Organizations at IRS, Lois Lerner, apologized to a room of tax lawyers for the IRS’s inappropriate targeting of conservative political groups. Her comments set off a chain of events that would slash IRS funds, fire officials and consider impeachment proceedings for IRS Commissioner Koskinen’s actions. But the scandal didn’t begin or end there.


Democrat Operatives are not above dirty tricks, dishonesty, and character assassination to achieve the power they crave: See Harry Reid as he LIES about Romney’s Taxes ON THE SENATE FLOOR!

People bring that up, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. Why? Because I knew what he had done was not be transparent and forthright about his taxes and to this day he hasn’t released his tax returns. … Did I want to do that? No. I had the information, I tried to get somebody else to do it. I tried to get somebody in the Obama ‘reelect,’ I tried to get one of the senators, I tried to get one of the outside groups, but nobody would do it. So I did it. And with that, like everything, I think in life, here’s something I learned from my father, if you’re going to do something, don’t do it half-assed, don’t play around. With the Mitt Romney stuff, I didn’t play around…
Federalist Papers

Is there anything Reid won’t stoop to?

Again, as the Post notes: Reid is LYING. He’s WRONG. Romney released plenty of information proving he paid his taxes. Reid knows this. There is no line that Reid wouldn’t cross. Don’t believe me? Ask him.

Is there a line he wouldn’t cross when it comes to political warfare?

“I don’t know what that line would be,” [Reid] said.
Federalist Papers

If HE can’t, how could WE possibly guess what dishonest act might actually be ‘beneath him’ in the name of power?

We also already know that the IRS routinely audits Trump, but let’s see what Forbes says about not releasing his taxes yet:

Even the TITLE of the article says something about this nominee’s tax situation is different — No Ordinary Audit: Donald Trump Is Facing The IRS ‘Wealth Squad’

When pressed about releasing his individual tax returns during the recent GOP debate, Donald Trump said he wouldn’t release them until the IRS finishes its audit. “You’re in the midst of negotiating and talking to the IRS,” Trump stated. “Your lawyers would never allow you to do that.”

Is there any legal impediment to Trump publicly releasing his tax returns? Absolutely not.

Would any experienced tax lawyer representing Trump in an IRS audit advise him to publicly release his tax returns during the audit? Absolutely not. [emphasis added]

Why Not Disclose the Returns Under Examination? Trumps tax professionals likely have their hands full responding to numerous informal and formal detailed inquiries by the IRS “Wealth Squad” audit team assigned to his case. Neither the IRS team nor Trump’s tax team likely want the additional scrutiny brought on by a public disclosure during the examination. However, depending on the status of the current examination, it would seem highly unlikely an open IRS examination involving multiple tax years and possibly numerous entities relating to any wealthy individual would be concluded before the general election in November.

The IRS Wealth Squad. The IRS maintains a specialized, experienced group of examiners solely focused on conducting audits of high-income/high-wealth taxpayers – the Global High Wealth Industry Group of the IRS Large Business and International division (commonly referred to as the IRS “Wealth Squad”).

All that being said, there is one ‘Trump’ card to any accusation of financial wrongdoing:

The IRS has already proven itself corruptible. It has already shown itself partisan, and it already has intimate knowledge of his financial records for numerous previous audits.

If they had any dirt on him? It would have been leaked already.

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