IT’S A MIRACLE: DEMONIC Clintons Instantly Morph Into PURITANS After Trump Video

Published on October 10, 2016

It was a classic ‘divide and conquer’ tactic. And so far… it seems to have worked.

Bill and Hillary, who have racked up more scandal appearances than their celebrity friends have movie roles, have ventured into the realm of acting themselves.

They trotted out a ‘Puritan’ act, and they’re shocked — shocked! — to hear such foul language from the tape their own proxies had probably been sitting on since the Primaries.

More importantly, they’re signalling to the American public that THEY should be shocked, outraged, and demanding that some price be paid.

This was a very deliberately-thrown grenade with the target being not the American public themselves — although, bonus points for any ground gained there — but the fragile, new GOP unity.

And, so far? It’s working:

Will Republicans continue to take the bait? Will we tap out, step aside and let Hillary march unopposed to take up the Brass Ring she so desperately craves?

Hillary hopes so. And the sooner the better. Because keeping that plastic halo polished takes some real work.

The ‘Puritan’ outrage at foul language is really tough to square with some reports we’ve heard about their off-the-record conversations.

Upon learning of Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers and the other women the former president had sex with, do you think Hillary, in her private conversations, discussed them delicately and respectfully with her cheating husband and her close friends?

If she’s a normal human being, she was probably very angry, used foul language and said things about her husband and the “other women” she wouldn’t want publicly released.

In fact, in Gary Byrne’s recent tell-all book, the Clintons’ former Secret Service agent said staff heard major fights between the former first couple. They also found a smashed vase after such rows and Bill emerging with a mysterious “black eye.”

…But now we have the Clinton camp — and the media who carry water for the Democrats — feigning outrage over Trump’s private comments, comments he made more than a decade ago.

Consider Hillary’s unspeakable hypocrisy in light of her own husband’s wandering ways, and the sexting shenanigans of her best friend Huma Abedin’s hubby, Anthony Weiner.

Not surprisingly, after the Trump hot mic recording was released, Hillary tweeted, “This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president.” — Boston Herald

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