Published on October 12, 2016

Obama weighs in and he sounds like the #NeverTrump crowd… weird. Do THEY understand what ‘Forgiveness’ means?

Obama’s words:

I hear people saying, ‘I’m a Christian and so I’m all about forgiveness because nobody’s perfect…

…If someone does something terrible … I can forgive ‘em, I suppose, if they’re sincere about it, but I don’t want them necessarily leading the country…

…You can’t have it both ways here. You can’t repeatedly denounce what is said by someone and then say, ‘But I’m still going to endorse them to be the most powerful person in the planet and to put them in charge.’…

…We saw this coming, he’s been saying really bad things for a while now. What did you think? He’s just going to transform himself?…

…I mean, I’m 55, I know it’s hard for me to change, I know at 70 it’s going to be harder.
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Watch Obama’s speech here:

(Note the comments about Christians starting at the 1:45 mark)

Glenn Beck, had an epic Facebook rant encouraging Christians to ‘read about the End Times’:

It sickens me to read the posts from “conservative Christians”.

The very same people who lectured the left about Bill Clinton.

I thought character mattered.

Does it still? Or is that just for democrats?

These are the same people that told the entire world that this behavior was so bad, that their chosen candidate was still bringing it up last week.

In fact he wanted to bring the women of those affairs and put them in the front row.

These are the same people that thought this was okay, because his wife turns a blind eye and defends him…

…It sickens me the twisting of forgiveness. To somehow be told that rejecting him as unfit for the highest and most important job in the world, shows that we are not following Christian principles is a deep self delusion.

…How can we expect the Lord to provide any protection for us or our nation when we gladly and loudly proclaim good is evil and evil is good?

Let us stand together against Clinton. Let’s worry about holding the senate and house, let’s join the Article five movement as it is the answer.

We know how to fight the Clinton Machine. We can unite on that. We can stop her. Yes, it will be “terrible times”, but we will survive and if we stand together and stand behind what we all know in our heart is right spiritually we can be on the side of God.

Accept the consequences of years of wrong choices, fight only for those causes that are righteous and have nothing to do with those who are not.

The bar is not that high. We are all sinners yes, but this is an exceptionally disturbing man.

Other than ‘standing against Hillary’ these comments sound eerily familiar.

See Beck’s entire Facebook post here:

ClashDaily reported that Trump prayed with a prominent evangelical leader, and asked for forgiveness before the Second Debate.

Does that make a difference?

Is voting for Hillary or a 3rd party candidate the ‘moral’ choice?

What do YOU think?

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