Published on October 18, 2016

by Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Today’s America is a new America. I know it breaks the hearts of many, but too many Americans now vote on emotion, not substance and policy. The political correctness of our new millennial generation has put the kibosh on our once great nation.

A wise man I know has been preaching it for years: gradualism has changed everything in our nation. The Republican Party has been painted as greedy, racist, bigoted, religious fanatics, callous, privileged and white-shoed. How do we combat a crooked government when the media and our educational institutions are all onboard with far left liberalism, political correctness and the redistribution of wealth?

They are teaching self-hatred to whites and hatred of our nation and her history. We can’t even talk openly about the issues and problems in this nation or the world. Political correctness has stifled honest debate and all forms of discourse. Commonsense is now considered ignorance. Dissension from liberal ideology is immediately smeared and labeled “hatred”.

Lastly, we must never forget that many current patriots are just “angry, old white guys”; therefore, their opinion is already tainted, simply because they exist. There is no more wisdom of the ages and respect for elders. There is no respect for those who paved the way, they are simply the remembrance of a perceived, wretched past and blood stained nation.

Of course, perceptive people KNOW BETTER!

Thank you to that generation which raised many of us to be hard working and responsible individuals. Thank you to them for teaching us about self-respect, respect of others and love of country. Thank you to them for raising us to love one another and love our Savoir above and beyond all things this world can offer.

I am sorry that we squandered the great nation that you all and those before you built. It is up to generation X to right this wrong. I hope we can?

Father above, forgive us and show us mercy! Heal this nation and guide us to a better place …
Thy will be done; in Jesus name we pray.

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