QUESTION: Should Trump Sue Accusers And Should Riot Instigators Be Arrested?

Trump has said that none of these incidents have happened… and he’s going to sue.

The accusations have hurt Trump’s campaign, and he’s now trailing in the polls.


Donald Trump pledged Saturday that he will bring lawsuits against each of the 12 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct during his campaign.

‘Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign,’ he told an invited audience in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

‘Total fabrication. The events never happened. Never.’

He made the comments as he laid out his policy platform for his first 100 days in charge, if he wins the General Election.

The Republican candidate addressed a small audience in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, near the site of the historic 1863 Civil War
Battle and the subsequent address by President Lincoln.

‘All of these liars will be sued after the election is over,’ he said.

So far, ten people have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.
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What do you think?

Project Veritas has shown the nastiness that the Hillary camp is capable of.

Voter fraud is no big deal, they’ve beendoing it for 50 years.

Laws are for little people.

Do you think these women could be Democrat operatives?

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