SHARIA BS: Islam DEMANDS Amazon Remove ‘OFFENSIVE’ Halloween Costumes – AMAZON Responds

Published on October 8, 2016

Hey Amazon: Thou shalt not offend Islam… but everyone else is ok, is that about right?

Amazon folded like a cheap tent when Islam’s cultural supremacists demanded that everyone else live by their rules.

Here was their complaint (h/t Pam Geller):

Amazon forced to remove ‘disgusting’ costumes which turn traditional Muslim robes into skimpy party dress By The Sun, October 6, 2016:

The cropped tunic also has a plunging neckline revealing cleavage and has caused huge offence, with the retailer saying the product has been taken off the site

Online retail giant Amazon have sparked controversy in the run up to Halloween by selling costumes shoppers have slammed as ‘Islamophobic’

It could be bought for just under £20 and was described as a “sexy Saudi burka Islamic costume” with “a lovely soft stretch material”.

Amazon users outraged by the product branded the online store as “disgusting racists”.

One person said: “You’re all disgusting racists. My culture is not your costume.”

While another commented: “A person’s culture is NOT a fancy dress costume,” and one more added: “Is this some sort of mockery to the religion.”
Another user said: “Whoever you are fear Allah. It’s not a joke.”

The outfit was modelled alongside “Arab” costumes modelled by white men wearing make-up.

Male costumes included a tunic and headdress set, and shoppers have the option to complete the outfit with a “Palestine” scarf.

Here is the full Amazon ad:

(The ‘Arab’ costumes were pulled, too.)

Whether a culture whose holy books celebrate the slaughter of every last Jew has the moral authority to call ANYONE else racist is a topic for another time.

Let’s just look at the costumes. Islam has a nasty habit of using threats to force its will on people who would not willingly follow their instructions. Try drawing Mohammed, for instance. Also see: ‘Dhimmitude’ in your nearest dictionary.

As for Amazon’s handling of the issue, are they being intentionally ‘tolerant’ or are they being bullied?

There is an easy test for that. Let’s look up some OTHER culturally insensitive topics and see what we find.

Jesus Costume? Check. Complete with a crown of thorns.


Mary and Joseph were in there too, but why a carpenter would be carrying a shepherd’s staff is something of a head-scratcher.


Strangely, however, the Muslim prophet costume did not turn up any matches.

If ‘religion’ is off-limits, surely Amazon will soon remove the religious costumes (don’t hold your breath):

– ‘Sexy Nun‘ with a transparent shirt and miniskirt.
– Or this one that isn’t transparent
– Or the Priest costume with the G-string
Bhuddist costume

There’s a Not-suitable-for-work Wet T-shirt contest costume which is apparently ‘not’ as offensive as the sexy burka.

There are several ‘white trash’ entries:
– ‘Mississippi Mudflap
this one with a mullet
– and one for the ladies, too.

We could go on and on.


Black? Check.

Scottish? Check.

Native American Woman? check.

Nope, it seems the only group so bent of shape to bully people into compliance is Islam.

That Religion of Peace, don’t you know.

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