She’s Lord Of The Flies: Fly Lands On Hillary’s Face – Internet Goes NUTS!

There has been a lot of talk about who will and will not be present at the Presidential debates. But no one is getting more press than this fly.

The internet is full of posts that we now have proof that Hillary is a robot like Yul Brynner from ‘Westworld’.


While the two presidential candidates were slugging it out in the second debate many viewers thought a fly had landed on their television screens.

They were baffled because the fly landed on Hillary Clinton’s face and she did not even flinch, leading some to suggest she was a robot like one of those on TV series Westworld.

Within minutes of the fly’s appearance at Washington University in St Louis, Twitter was a swarm of memes, mostly poking fun at the Democratic nominee.
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The Tweets:

Hillary Clinton fly now has a Twitter account:


Some of Hillary Clinton Fly’s best Tweets:

So does The Debate Fly:

And there isDebate Face Fly:

More Fly profiles are popping up.

Have the Democrats found a MASSIVE new voting block?

Soon they will form a PAC, and advocate for ‘fly rights’.

Lord help us all!

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