TOXIC: 24 Reasons THIS Candidate Should NEVER Be President

This election has been the most unusual election most of us have ever seen or will ever see. There are a LOT of voters that are holding their nose and voting for what the see as they ‘best of two evils’. We’re here to help. There is one candidate running that should NEVER be President, and here’s why.

Here is a list of the many, many reasons to NEVER vote for this toxic candidate:

Racist Supporters

Former KKK member was a mentor and the candidate honored him with a filmed tribute

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Another mentor was a famous eugenicist who sought to rid the world of non-whites
Again, the candidate honored this mentor on film after winning an award in their name

Many ties to the ‘Birther’ movement against ObamaMultiple ties.

Ok with spending $20,000 for membership in a ‘whites only’ golf course

While trying to relate to black people, this candidate mocked their speech patterns

Likened inner-city residents to dogs

Slut-shames and name-calls women who interfere in the candidate’s personal relationships

Was opposed to gay marriage, but flip-flopped 3 years ago

Accepts campaign funds from donors that STRONGLY oppose LGBT rights

In 2010, Haiti had an earthquake. This candidate went down there and promptly steered all of the reconstruction bids to his businesses friends. Those friends then under-delivered, pocketed the difference, and left Haiti further in debt.

Conspired to win the party nomination

Read the Full List here.

Well, if you haven’t already guessed… this wasn’t about Donald Trump, this a list of the reasons to NOT vote for Hillary Clinton.

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