VIDEO: Geraldo Is SHOCKED At the Trump Video, Does He Remember THIS?

Published on October 8, 2016

Hey, Geraldo. How about you get off your high horse. If what Trump said was disgusting, what you SAID and DID is even worse.

Geraldo says that this has caused an ‘existential crisis in the Trump campaign’ and will put it ‘on life support’.

Here are Geraldo’s comments on the O’Reilly Factor:

When asked about his claim in his autobiography, ‘Exposing Myself’, that he slept with 1,000 women, Geraldo laughed and said, ‘Ah, those were good years.”


I’m suddenly king of the world and I’ve got all this money. It’s really pretty easy, easy picking’s when you’re in that situation. It’s not particularly my magnetism or anything.

…You have groupies, basically…

…Constantly surrounded by temptation that was instantly fulfillable, and no rules…

…It was the SNL Afterparty everyday.

Not just groupies.

Geraldo named names: Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Chris Everet.

Here’s Bette Midler talking to Barbara Walters saying when she met Geraldo, she was drugged and groped:

Here’s a newspaper report from the Eugene Register in 1991.

Is that misogynistic?

Probably not.

Don’t forget Geraldo stands with Roger Ailes:

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Geraldo is a hypocrite … share and let the whole world know it.