WATCH: Creepy Clown Tries To TERRORIZE Group – The WRONG Group

One guy thought he’d jump in on the ‘scary clown’ trend. He will NOT be making that mistake again.

He was ‘clowning around’ with the wrong people.

One US man got a massive beating after dressing up as a creepy clown and trying to scare a group of friends in a car.

Footage of the incident shows the clown, holding some balloons, walk close to a car where a number of men were hanging out.

One of the men gets out of the car with what appears to be a baseball bat and whams the clown on the side of the knee.

‘What y’all doing?’ yells the man filming, who stays in the car while the action is happening.
‘I’m not getting out of the car, bro,’ he adds.

The clown falls to the ground — and two men join in, pummeling him down with punches.

One of the men takes the clown’s balloons and the friends head back to the car, leaving them the clown on the ground.


Maybe it’s not all that smart to approach healthy young men with the same kind of costume that’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The kind of costume that’s been luring kids into the woods… or frightening the vulnerable.

These guys were NOT vulnerable. At all. They laid a serious beating on him.

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