WATCH: Gowdy DESTROYS Clinton’s Bogus Presser DEMANDING The FBI ‘Release Emails’

Published on October 29, 2016

Hillary demanded that the FBI IMMEDIATELY release whatever information they have, but Gowdy wasn’t buying it, and here’s why.

Gowdy thinks it was all for show, and to place blame on the FBI.

She wants to look innocent.

Watch Gowdy in action:

Really, Hillary? You actually want the emails released by the FBI?

If it was no big deal, why didn’t YOU release them in the first place?

Why did you need to use BleachBit?

Hillary knows that the FBI cannot produce the information in the middle of an investigation according to DOJ rules.

Gowdy says that Hillary could have a press conference tomorrow and disclose to the American people what she thinks are in the emails because she actually knows what she discussed with Huma Abedin.

The same person that went to great lengths to hide her emails from FOIA requests, then hide the fact that she was hiding them, now wants everything suddenly made public?

Gowdy says, ‘It’s just too rich’.

It sure is.

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