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WATCH: Haggard Hillary STUMBLES And MUMBLES To Herself As She Boards Plane

Lately, Hillary has been having trouble with stairs. BUT, it’s probably nothing…


Live Sattelite News reports that Hillary stumbled as she boards a plane heading to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Hillary’s van parks right at the bottom of the steps to board the plane, but from the moment she exits, her steps are shaky and she appears to stumble or miss a step.

The stairs seem to be an arduous task for Hillary, and she seems to have trouble with only one hand on the railing. It was raining and she was carrying an umbrella.

So, perhaps we are being too hard on Hillary.

Look at the extenuating circumstances:

– her van was parked 4 whole feet from the steps
– it was raining
– the ground was wet (due to rain)
– there were stairs. More than one stair, many stairs
– no one was holding her
– she was wearing low heels
– she could only use one railing because she was holding an umbrella
– she only stumbled once

Really, that’s Stairclimbing Level: EXPERT!

Give the woman a round of applause!


Live Sattelite News also reported that Hillary was ‘mumbling to herself’.

We think she was mumbling one of these things:

‘Left, then right, then left again…’


‘I think I can! I think I can! I think I can…’

What do YOU think she was mumbling?

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