WATCH: OBAMA Flaunts An ERECTION In 2008 Video

Obama has been quick to condemn Trump for the Hot Mic tape, because he’s just morally superior. Hey, do you remember when Senator Barack Obama sexually harassed some female reporters on a plane? NO?

The incident, which could be labeled ‘sexual harassment’ didn’t disqualify him from becoming President Obama.

The giggling, squealing female reporters are dying to get a glimpse as Obama flaunts an erection on a plane in 2008.

One woman is heard saying, ‘Move, move, woman! Please, woman, you’re killing us!’

Then to the security detail, ‘Agent! Agent, sit down.’

One male reporter is heard saying, ‘No class.’

The video emerged on Twitter yesterday, and has since gone viral. Allegedly, the entire event was captured by CNN, but the video never surfaced on the network. In the video females are heard in the back of the plane trying to get a glimpse at Obama and the lump in his jeans, while another man can be heard saying Obama has “no class.” The video is a bit blurry, but the photo from Getty Images shows his smile. You decide.
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Watch the video here:

Here is a zoomed in (and fuzzy) version:

Check out the photo and his smile:


Apparently, CNN had this video and it never made it to air.

If Obama had an (R) after his name it would have been front-page news.

Can’t you see the headline?

‘REPUBLICAN Senator SEXUALLY HARASSES Plane Full of Female Reporters’.

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