WATCH: A ‘Once Romantic Paris’ Is NOW Covered In FILTH Thanks To Islamic ‘Immigrants’

France’s influx of refugees is wreaking havoc on Paris. The beautiful city that many have dreams of visiting now looks like a ‘post-apocalyptic’ nightmare.

From the Daily Mail:

An anonymous Frenchman wearing a hidden camera recorded the aftermath of a raid on a migrant camp on Avenue de Flandre in the north of the French capital.

After the migrants had been forced onto buses by police officers in full riot gear, all that was left was sidewalks blocked with trash, junk and mattresses.

The video also captures the scene before the hundreds of young Africans, mainly Sudanese and Eritreans, were confronted by riot shields and tear gas.

The men are shown forced to live and sleep on flat pieces of cardboard, with all their worldly belongings stuffed into plastic bags.

Generation Europe wrote: ‘The Paris you know or remember from adverts or brochures no longer exists.

‘While no part of Paris looks like the romantic Cliches in Hollywood movies, some districts now resemble post-apocalyptic scenes of a dystopian thriller.

‘Scenes like this might spread to areas frequented by tourists, forever changing the last romantic parts of Paris that match what most people have in mind when they think of the iconic city.’

Watch the shocking footage:

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