WATCH: Russell Crowe Says Grab Night ‘By The P-ssy’ And It’s … APPLAUDED?

Can the leftist Outrage machine pick one standard and keep to it? Is that too much to ask?

Crow thought it would be funny to say ‘grab the night by the pussy’. So, is this language sexist and misogynistic or not? Is it humorous, or disqualifying?

A quick look through Twitter showed a lack of the usual outrage. Those few who mentioned it had a typically bland reaction to it. Clearly this is not a big deal when a Leftist does it.

Which is a strange reaction. If this past week’s outrage taught us anything, it was that sexually explicit talk is NOT acceptable. In that case, maybe SNL should fire their writers or the public should boycott them. This ‘gem’ was just 6 months ago.

After saying she likes to be “pampered,” the first question Lisa G. posed to the three contestants was what they would do on a date with her. The glass eye guy said he’d get her a massage, take her out to dinner, and if all went well, they’d have breakfast together the next morning. The Best Buy employee told the bachelorette he would make her dinner at home and watch a movie, but chances are they wouldn’t be watching the film. And the Crowe’s German professor promised, “First, I would massage your labia majora, and then I would mount a subtle yet focused campaign on your clitoris.”


Billy Bush got fired for laughing at LESS than what this sketch laughs about. Making light of sexual assault. This is a double standard and they need to be called out on it.

That said, ‘writing crap that isn’t funny’ would be a legitimate grounds for firing their writers even if they DIDN’T find the sketch (above) offensive.
It’s disgusting to see how the Left pushes for the normalizing of sexual lawlessness. Until they see someone they want to destroy. Then they accuse that person of sexual lawlessness.

Remember, Hollywood is same the place where Roman Polanski — who drugged and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl is still hailed as a hero. They TRY to take the high ground but there is none to be had.

If a Republican actor had made this joke, his career would be over.

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