WHOA: Rosie & Ivanka Meet In NYC – The Outcome Is Pretty WILD

Published on October 7, 2016

Chance meetings can be awkward. Especially when they are with a rival. Especially when the rivalry is VERY public. But did you EVER expect it to go like THIS?

The bitter contempt that Rosie O’Donnel and Donald Trump have for one another is hardly a secret. They have had one of the more famous twitter wars since Twitter became ‘a thing’. So much so, that Hillary made sure it even came up in the last debate.

She calls him an (expletive) stain. He calls her a slob, a loser. It was a very public spat.

Imagine the surprise when Rosie and Ivanka happen to sit down at the same restaurant. Will sparks fly? Or will it go a COMPLETELY different direction?

Rosie tweeted about it.

Rosie O’Donnell, a longtime foe of Donald Trump, is expressing thanks to Ivanka Trump after they met at a restaurant in New York this week.

…The comedian later tweeted that she talked with the Republican nominee’s daughter at 9 p.m. Wednesday night at the New York City eatery, Nobu Fifty Seven.

Daily Mail


Then she got a little more personal. She wrote a poem about the encounter on her blog.

It probably isn’t what you’re expecting:

i saw 4 cops – security i thought
well dressed
jovial – handsome – “yo rosie”
“wasssup men” my common reply

we walk toward one of the quiet booths
behind the stairway
i am tired
this is the first time i have been out

out of bed really – to be honest
since the debate
i have been sleeping a lot
depression clings to me

it’s hard to walk
to shower
to try
to care

i see a couple
sitting close together
in a small corner booth
directly across from me

i watch them
stunned by her face
and his calming charm
they were definitely a THEY

obvious for all to see
oblivious to all seeing them
love works like this
i thought

so connected
alone together
in a crowded corner

“that is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen”
i say aloud to dana
she turns to look – turns back at me
“that’s ivanka”

can’t be i said
no it can’t be
it is –
she reassures me

what r the chances i say to myself
as dana walked to the hostess station to ask
i stared at the young couple
as they ate – unaware

i was captivated by her beauty
it blinded me so
i didn’t realize it was even her
til dana walked back to the table –

nodding slowly
she said
it was

dear god
i prayed
guide me
out of here

we stood to move to another table
but i knew i could not stay
my heart i worried
would break again

it did 4 years ago
i won’t survive another one
change ur life
is the prescription

i walked the 5 steps toward her table
introduced myself
she smiled genuinely
her husband was warm and gracious

i told her of my children
some truths about myself
my pain and shame
she was absurdly kind

“i just wanted u to know”
i said in a shaky quiet voice
i then made my way down the large wooden stairway
into my waiting car

the entire encounter
start to finish
was 4 minutes

i wrote a book once
about bashert
the concept of
meant to be

it has comforted me
on my darkest days
when my inner voices scream
u deserved it

as her father has
same as my own

Hollywood Reporter
Rosie took issue with Fox News calling the encounter a ‘run-in’. Because it wasn’t hostile.

It’s harder to demonize people when we see them as actual PEOPLE.

Share if that’s a lesson our divided America REALLY needs a refresher on right now.