WOW: Teen Told ‘He’d NEVER Stand Again’ – Then The Nat’l Anthem Started Playing

Published on October 2, 2016

Is there a polar opposite to the Kaepernick sideshow? Yes! THIS guy!

The ‘I won’t stand for the anthem’ story is wearing thin. People who live in America, even though they could afford to live elsewhere are choosing to stay. Because it’s better here.

But they insist on complaining about how ‘bad’ living in America is.

Now turn away from the sideshow and look at this guy.

Only three years ago, Wesley Baker — high school football player — was told he’d never stand again. Why? The story involves an 18-wheeler. You get the idea. In fact, they were expecting the head injuries would lead to a vegetative state.

Fortunately, they did not.

But it has been a struggle, nevertheless. Three years, and he’s been unable to stand.

Until know. Here’s a photo of the first time he’s stood to his feet in three years.


What do you notice about this image?

That’s right. The national anthem is playing.

This kid has HEART. Kind of a big deal in football.

Maybe those poor anthem-kneelers could take notes.

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