BREAKING VIDEO: Major Hillary Donor, Says Members Of THIS Group Are ‘Seriously F****D in The Head’

Published on November 2, 2016

Want to know how Hillary’s insiders talk when they let their guard down? Here’s your chance.

What they said is offensive both to Jewish people AND black people.

Here are Leah and Benjamin Barber. Major Hillary supporters and donors. Barber is an author and political thinker. In this video they’re working for North Carolina’s Deborah Ross at a fundraising event in NYC.

Here’s what they have to say about Black voters:

When Deborah Ross was asked why she thinks Republicans want Voter Id. She said it was because ‘young African-Americans and women are less likely to have ID so they won’t vote’. ‘It’s Jim Crow. Just put the road block in…’

Later on..

Leah: It doesn’t make sense, you’re voting against your self-interest. In the name of change. What is the change that they want to see?’ … They don’t believe in climate change, they don’t believe in social justice and human rights…”

Benjamin Barber doubled down: Do you know the Sonderkommandos? Jewish guards who in effect helped murder Jews in the camps so they could live a little longer. So there were even Jews who were helping the Nazis murder Jews.”

(undercover journalist): ‘Same thing?’

Benjamin: “So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously f-cked in the head”. They’re only helping the enemy who wants to destroy them. Maybe thinking that if I help them maybe it’ll be different, maybe I’d get off ok; somehow I’d save my race by working for the murderers.”

So this clip was shown to a group of people in a Church, one at a time. Black Republicans from North Carolina. And their reactions were taken on film.

“So that’s what they think of us.”

That was the very first of a series of reactions that including betrayal, disbelief, outrage, and disgust.

They seemed to agree that the people saying these words were racist.

We remind you that the Barbers are MAJOR Hillary Clinton supporters. This is the same Hillary Clinton that assumes she ‘owns’ the collective support of Black voters. Read: ‘takes for granted’.

Will she STILL count on that support when her mask is ripped off?

Watch for yourself:

Make sure you catch the question O’Keefe ends the clip with.

If this isn’t racist, then what is? Even the Press in Socialist Canada calls Hillary a Bigot.

Share this to anyone who still actually thinks she ‘LOVES’ black voters.