BUSTED: ‘The Media’ Blames Chaos At Trump Rally On ‘REPUBLICAN’ – Here’s The TRUTH

That guy in Nevada that disrupted the Trump rally?

For the second time this election cycle, Secret Service had to step in to protect Trump from an apparent threat.

With shouts from the crowd of ‘gun!’, Donald Trump was rushed off the stage, and one man was taken into custody.

Details are coming out, and we know more about the incident than we did last night.

Now before we read on, let’s remember the media’s magic formula (h/t Andrew Klavan):

— Whenever a Republican makes headlines for the wrong reasons, that sin is true of ALL Republicans.
— Whenever a Democrat makes headlines for the wrong reasons, it’s an isolated incident, and NOT representative of the party as a whole.

Got it? Good. Let’s have a look at the attacker.

They said #NeverTrumper, right?


Never Trumpers are the conservatives who think Trump is going to ruin the conservative movement, right? So THAT’s who’s driving this? Just like the Tea Party voters were ‘domestic terrorists’? Threats that needed to be scrutinized by the IRS?

Eh, not so much.

Here’s a screen grab of his FB page before it got closed down. (h/t Gateway Pundit)


Turns out he was a HILLARY supporter.

Donates to Hillary’s campaign…

Trump Attacker-Austyn Crites-1035 Munley Dr Reno NV 89503-Registered Democrat not republican makes monthly donations to Hillary Clinton Via Master card

… there’s an apparent WikiLeaks-Podesta connection…

Which Podesta himself is trying to deflect…

Because we all know there has never been anything to suggest that Clinton’s team have used dirty tricks, violence or intimidation against Trump or his supporters, right?

Share if this makes their lame ‘Love Trumps Hate’ slogan look ridiculous.

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