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CROOKED: Hillary’s Entourage Hit With FIVE Different FBI Investigations

Hillary’s not the only one that’s in trouble with the Feds. Almost everyone in her inner circle has been hit with an FBI investigation.

That old saying, ‘Tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are’ really sucks if you’re close to Hillary, but it’s a good tip for the FBI.

The Clintons’ long-term inner-circle – some of whom stretch back in service to the very first days of Bill’s White House – are being examined in at least five separate investigations.

The scale of the FBI’s interest in some of America’s most powerful political fixers – one of them a sitting governor – underlines just how difficult it will be for Clinton to shake off the taint of scandal if she enters the White House.

There are, in fact, not one but five separate FBI investigations which involve members of Clinton’s inner circle or their closest relatives – the people at the center of what has come to be known as Clintonworld.

The five known investigations are into: Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin’s estranged husband sexting a 15-year-old; the handling of classified material by Clinton and her staff on her private email server; questions over whether the Clinton Foundation was used as a front for influence-peddling; whether the Virginia governor broke laws about foreign donations; and whether Hillary’s campaign chairman’s brother did the same.

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1. Anthony Weiner.

The investigation into Weiner’s communications with a minor girl led to the seizure of electronic devices he had access to. This — to the dismay of Hillary and Huma — led to the discovery of emails which may fill in gaps in the Hillary/Huma mishandling of secure data investigation.

Who officiated the Huma and Weiner’s wedding? THIS guy:


Huma Abedin: secrets and access – and perjury?

Who is she: Currently vice-chair of the Clinton campaign she was has worked with Clinton for 21 years, since she was 19, as among other things, intern, ‘body woman’, chief of staff and senior adviser.

Huma is connected to the…

2. Clinton private server investigation.

The focus is squarely on Huma, as the new information that caused the FBI to reopen the file was discovered on her computer… but if Huma is implicated, Hillary might not be far behind.

Sources say emails found here are ‘not’ duplicates of emails previously turned over. Sources also believe the contents will — unless there is political interference — lead to indictment. No clarification has been given as to ‘who’ or ‘how many’ such indictments were implied.

This leads us to the REASON many believe the Private Server was needed in the first place… to hide their….

3. CLINTON FOUNDATION connections from prying eyes.

While connecting the dots to understand WHY this is a CRITICALLY IMPORTANT story might nomally read like the transcripts of a budget meeting, there was fantastic rendering of the details, making a POWERFUL case, without getting dry — on the Video HERE. For bonus points, nobody can claim the guys doing it are Partisan right-wingers.

They are normally FRIENDLY the Left… which makes their very clean and understandable breakdown even MORE powerful. They make the case SO clearly that even Chelsea Clinton would have to hesitate for a moment before pulling the lever for her mom.

The REASON the Clinton Foundation is at the center of this story is because it’s ‘pay-for-play’… ‘influence peddling’… or high-stakes favor swapping between Mega-corportions or…

Foreign Goverments… in exchange for the different favors they would expect in return.

Foreign Governments lead us to the last two investigations on the list…

4 & 5 . Illegal Foreign Donors

Terry McAuliffe: Clinton cash from China
Probes: Clinton Foundation; links to foreign donations
Who is he: Currently Democratic governor of Virginia. Has previously been prolific Clinton fundraiser and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and chairman of Hillary’s failed 2008 run for the White House.

…McAuliffe was a board member of the Clinton Foundation from at least 2004, so he will surely be caught up in investigations conducted by the FBI’s Washington DC field office into whether it was used as a front for influence-peddling.

But the overlaps between him and the Foundation go further than that and into his own campaign for governor and related campaigning.

The Washington Post reported in 2015 how he and the foundation had 120 overlapping donors, who had given him, his campaign or his political action committee $13.8 million.

And in a delicous twist — considering how hard Hillary’s team has been pounding the drum trying to tie Trump to sketchy dealings with Russia, we have THIS piece.

Tony Podesta: Dined with Hillary, lobbied for Putin’s ally?
Probe: Undeclared lobbying for foreign government
Who is he: Older brother of John Podesta, with whom he founded what is now The Podesta Group of which he is chairman; social acquaintance of the Clintons; Democratic fundraiser
The FBI and the Justice Department are investigating possible ties to alleged corruption involving the former president of Ukraine – and Podesta’s firm is one of those targeted.

The FBI will therefore look at whether Podesta knowingly or negligently breached laws requiring all foreign attempts to influence U.S. politics to be registered.

Yanukovych was ousted as Ukraine’s leader in 2014 – and is exiled in southern Russia, after long-term accusations that he was a friend of Vladimir Putin.

The older Podesta, his brother’s emails disclosed, remains extremely close to John, sharing the use of an apartment in New York until earlier this year. Official records also show he is a ‘bundler’ for Clinton who had raised $62,000 by the end of June.

It is a long-standing relationship. One email forced out of the State Department showed how in 2012 the Clinton Foundation used the then Secretary of State to host a dinner at her home where attendees included donors – and Podesta.

The full Daily Mail Article can be found here.

The Russia angle gets Worse: 75,000 shares Hillary’s campaign manager would rather NOT answer questions about… or the shell company that makes THAT story even MORE questionable.

These things are threatening not only to destroy Hillary’s grab for the brass ring but stain Obama’s record. All these things happened under his … ‘leadership’.

NO WONDER he is backpedaling. But it certainly makes his claim of ‘not having a major scandal in his administration’ laughable.

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