DEAR AMERICA: Look Who Old, Mean & Gross, Lyin’ Hillary BLAMES For Losing

Being a Clinton means never having to take responsibility for your failures.

When you’re a liberal, there is always SOMEONE to blame. You just have to look hard enough.

It’s like that poor sap they threw in jail to ‘punish’ for the half-assed anti-Muslim video Hillary and Obama tried to pin the violence in Benghazi on.

So… shocker… what does Hillary do when she loses? She looks around for a scapegoat.

It’s COMEY’s fault that Hillary lost.

On a call Saturday with top campaign donors, Clinton said her campaign was winning until Comey sent his letter to Congress on Oct. 28 announcing that the FBI had uncovered emails possibly related to its earlier probe into her use of a private server as secretary of state.

‘Our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum,’ Clinton told donors, according to the New York Times.

…’We were once again up in all but two of the battleground states, and we were up considerably in some that we ended up losing,’ Hillary said, according to the newspaper.

The campaign also said the letter was particularly damaging with white women, who they believed were on the fence until Comey’s announcement pushed them onto Team Trump.

White women voted for Trump in surprising numbers, and were a major factor in deciding several of the key swing states that put Trump in the White House. –DailyMail

That’s hilarious. ‘COMEY’ killed her election chances.

She went THAT far down the food chain to find where the buck stops. WOW. If THAT’s how she handles personal failures, aren’t you glad she’s not our next President? We REALLY dodged a bullet there!

Is there ANYTHING else we could find to pin this on?

Comey’s investigation itself? What sparked that?

Anthony Weiner’s laptop had emails that may or may not have been connected to the Clinton email investigation turn up on it.

Hillary convinced Huma to stick it out with Weiner after the LAST time he disgraced himself. Hillary gave Huma access to classified email on an insecure (BATHROOM) server, which (according to Wikileaks) likely included highly sensitive information. Hillary decided to set up the server in the first place. And reports tell us that at least 5 foreign governments have penetrated the security of that private server.

All of these things are apparently Comey’s fault.

Debbie Washerman-Schultz resigned in disgrace as DNC chair to be replaced by another disgrace, Donna Brazile. Both of these women have been exposed for interfering in the free and fair electoral process, trying to stack the deck in Hillary’s favor. Cheating Bernie out of a fair shot in the Primaries, giving advance notice of the debate questions to Hillary, and a host of other insiders were exposed for their attempts at giving Hillary a paved pathway to the Presidency.

This, too, was Comey’s fault.

She split much of her time between resting and visiting donors, while Trump was visiting, what, 5 or more States a day? Trump visited flood victims while Obama and Hillary visited Celebrity millionaires.

Obviously, Comey’s fault.

Trump adjusted his strategy mid-election and switched out his staffers, putting Kellyanne Conway in charge. She did a magnificent job of it. Hillary kept the same cadre of flunkies and flacks that have surrounded her for decades. And, with astounding consistency, they failed her.

CROOKED: Hillary’s Entourage Hit With FIVE Different FBI Investigations

Kellyanne? Her background was polling. And in particular… having a pulse on what it is women think. Trump took her as a trusted advisor, and obviously listened to her. Hillary? She used flattery, guilt, and empty platitudes to tell women she was the only valid choice. She hitched her star to celebrities to persuade people on her behalf.

She tried to destroy Trump by framing him as racist and sexist. But women STILL voted for him. And remember. He couldn’t have won without their vote.

But remember. All of this is Comey’s fault.

Never Hillary’s.

(And that’s not even TOUCHING the OTHER scandals. The chronic lying. The weird, secretive, health issues. Pay-for-play. Clinton Foundation irregularities and all the rest.)

Share if Hillary should inpect a mirror in her quest for finding someone to blame.

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