DEMONIC: Woman Run Off Road, Terrorized For TWO HOURS … By ‘DREAMer’

For the last year, leftists called anyone who mentioned this crime a racist. So what do THEY say when it really DOES happen?

Immigrants. Some of them are decent people looking for a better life, as we keep hearing. But some of them REALLY ARE ‘bad hombres’. Like this guy.

Authorities have arrested a man accused of dragging a woman out of her car after their vehicles crashed in northern Virginia and raping her during a two-hour attack.

Roberto Carlos Flores Sibrian, 26, was arrested last Thursday at a construction site in Sanford, North Carolina, the Stafford County Sherriff’s Office said in a statement.

Sibrian, who is reportedly an illegal immigrant, is charged with rape and aggravated sexual battery in the October 31 attack in Fredericksburg, the statement said.

On October 31, a woman was driving down Kings Highway/Route 3 when the suspect struck her car, forcing her off the road between 2.45 and 3.15am, according to NBC News.

After the crash, Sibrian allegedly pulled the young woman out of the car, dragged her to a ditch and sexually assaulted her for two hours, police said. -DailyMail

If victims of violence need to be ‘heard and believed’ shouldn’t we be honest about those people who live here with no actual respect for the rule of law, or threat of consequence?

This isn’t a race thing. [Unless there is a country out there somewhere that doesn’t need a legal system.] This is a law and order thing.

Share if Trump’s planned deportation of criminal aliens is a really good start.

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