HEY CNN: A ‘Rights Group’ Is Calling For The FALL Of The USA… Is That NORMAL?

Published on November 15, 2016

It’s not irrational to oppose someone who really DOES want to harm you.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) successfully presents itself to the media as a benign civil rights organization, comparable to the NAACP or the ADL, a description that conservatives ineffectively rail against. In this light, perhaps a tweet sent out just after midnight EST on Nov. 9 by Hussam Ayloush, long-time head of CAIR’s Los Angeles office, will help awaken the press to CAIR’s true Islamist identity. Ayloush wrote:

Ok, repeat after me:
Al-Shaab yureed isqat al-nizaam.
(Arab Spring chant)


That second line is Arabic (“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎‎”) for “The people wants to bring down the regime.”

In other words, Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Comments: (1) Ayloush may be the most vicious of the CAIR leaders. So far as I know, for example, he’s the only one of them to bandy about the term “Zionazi,” as evidenced in his e-mail below, dated March 18, 2002.–Daniel Pipes

Who is he?

According to his LinkedIn profile



He’s a Democrat, naturally. He’s wanting the Arab Spring to come here. Because he, too, wants to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America.

Not surprising, really.

CAIR is hardly a backer of American traditions and institutions.

This isn’t an anti-Trump thing. What’s their real agenda, in their own words?

See for yourself.

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