HEY CNN: A ‘Rights Group’ Is Calling For The FALL Of The USA… Is That NORMAL?

It’s not irrational to oppose someone who really DOES want to harm you.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) successfully presents itself to the media as a benign civil rights organization, comparable to the NAACP or the ADL, a description that conservatives ineffectively rail against. In this light, perhaps a tweet sent out just after midnight EST on Nov. 9 by Hussam Ayloush, long-time head of CAIR’s Los Angeles office, will help awaken the press to CAIR’s true Islamist identity. Ayloush wrote:

Ok, repeat after me:
Al-Shaab yureed isqat al-nizaam.
(Arab Spring chant)


That second line is Arabic (“الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎‎”) for “The people wants to bring down the regime.”

In other words, Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Comments: (1) Ayloush may be the most vicious of the CAIR leaders. So far as I know, for example, he’s the only one of them to bandy about the term “Zionazi,” as evidenced in his e-mail below, dated March 18, 2002.–Daniel Pipes

Who is he?

According to his LinkedIn profile



He’s a Democrat, naturally. He’s wanting the Arab Spring to come here. Because he, too, wants to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America.

Not surprising, really.

CAIR is hardly a backer of American traditions and institutions.

This isn’t an anti-Trump thing. What’s their real agenda, in their own words?

See for yourself.

Share if CAIR is OBVIOUSLY no friend of America.

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