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LMAO: In 2hrs Cute Chick Makes MEGA Money Selling Hillary TARGETS!

This cute girl made 125 times Hillary’s proposed minimum wage PER HOUR. Any wonder THIS Entrepreneur is a Trump supporter?

At the Trump rally in Hershey, PA, Ariel sold these targets with Hillary’s face, crosshairs and the words, ‘Killary Rotten Clinton’. The price tag was a modest 2 for $5.

She made an astonishing $3750 in just 2 hours. That’s $1875/hr, or 125 times Hillary’s proposed $15/hr minimum wage.

And then came the hate.

Let the hand-wringing commence:



There is probably equal outrage for these:




Ariel isn’t suggesting Hillary be assassinated. If she was, then so were the people that had the images of George W. Bush and Trump in crosshairs.

Leftists are weird.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever get it.

They are against violence.


Except when they’re not.

The left is on the side of violence when it comes in the form of riots.

They are against police standing up to thugs.

Or a girl who sells things that people want to buy.

H/T: Twitchy

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