NO MORE EXCUSES: Republican Politicians Can FINALLY Deliver A Conservative Mandate — Or ‘You’re FIRED’

Written by Rob Morse on November 22, 2016

The United States faces some real problems. It also faces some political problems. For example, the Republicans now hold Congress, hold the Senate, and they will hold the White House. That means they will control all the reins of government. Republican politicians won’t have Obama to blame any longer. Republicans were given a mandate by the voters. It is time for them to perform. or else. There are some politically difficult problems to solve. The publicly traded press will throw hate on the Republicans no matter what they do. Excuses are unacceptable despite unfair treatment by the press. Government built these problems, and now they have to fix them.

Let us work — The fraction of US citizens working continued to decline while Obama was in office. Any economics major in college could give you the obvious solutions. Unfortunately, the solutions won’t be politically popular, particularly with the Democrats owned by unionized labor. Republicans should do it anyway. Tear down the government imposed barriers stopping US citizens from finding and taking a job. Penalize the states that keep their citizens from working.

Welfare is for the needy, not the lazy — The number of US residents on government assistance soared under Obama. Barack used the unemployed as a prominent feature of his domestic economic policies, not as a fault. The long term unemployed were supposed to become long term Democrats. Today, the government needs to simplify and eliminate many of our aid programs. The Democrats and the press will howl even if the sensible reductions are done perfectly. President Trump knows there is a lot of industry eager to work in the US. Yes, we can make America work again… or you can be unemployed on your own time and your own dime.

Stop the Government credit card — During President Obama’s eight years, both Republican and Democrat lawmakers used taxpayers as a piggybank for their latest kickback schemes. We had record tax revenues AND record deficits. We need to hound the Republicans out of office unless they get their hands the hell out of our wallets and rein in spending. You can’t grow an economy with government sucking the money out of it.

Student debt — The government said they were the only lender for student loans. Like the housing loan crisis of 2007, it is dangerous to let institutions give away other people’s money. No politician wants to be the bad guy, so the politicians keep forgiving bad loans. If we were adults we would say, “Why don’t you float the loan yourself if your degree in interpretive dance is so rewarding.” We will see if any adults show up after the election.

Obamacare — Big pharma and big insurance love Obamacare. Politicians loved it for the kickbacks. The rest of us were screwed. Our insurance rates went up and our coverage went down. Many of us received our medical coverage through our employer. Obamacare made insurance so expensive that many of us lost our jobs. Now we have no insurance AND no income. We’d revolt if a private insurance carrier hiked their rates as much as the Obama exchange hiked theirs. Democrat politicians passed it. Now we found out what is in it. Kill Obamacare and start over with a private payer system. Don’t use insurance as a business deduction. Let insurers offer plans across state lines.

Take home wages — Real take home income has been flat for the last eight years. The added cost of government regulation offset the increases in worker productivity. Let employers create jobs. That will drive up real income as employers bid for scarce labor.

Soaring cost of regulation… and corruption -– Barack used government regulatory agencies the same way Hillary used the State Department. They were used to generate kickbacks and to punish companies who refused to “donate”. It is time we closed most of our federal regulatory agencies. Yes, there are alternatives, and yes, I know there will be a downside. Freedom is safer than the risk of trusting politicians with power.

Barack’s corruption — Under Barack Obama, we saw unprecedented corruption in the executive branch of government. We saw executives from the US Internal Revenue Service take the fifth to avoid incriminating themselves. Obama ran guns to Mexican drug gangs, hounded conservative groups with the IRS. Barack covered up Clinton’s corrupt kickback, money laundering and tax evasion schemes when she was Secretary of State. The EPA was simply another Chicago racket to shakedown industry. The Republicans can show us that no one is too big to jail… or else. Fire the man in office when in doubt.

I have my doubts about the old guard Republicans. We will see if they deliver. If not, then the Democrats should move to the center and win the next elections.

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