PATRIOTS: Should Trump Bring CRIMINAL Charges Against Hillary Or Show MERCY?

Published on November 22, 2016

The guys who chanted ‘lock her up’ at the rallies aren’t going to like this story. Is it legit? Is there a ‘bigger picture’ in play? What do YOU think?

A ‘source’ that knows Trump has passed along a story about Trump’s thoughts about Hillary. See it for yourself.

There are several ways to read this without changing the meaning.

1) If he wants the investigations to stop entirely, he could be playing the ‘long game’. In this scenario, he looks around, sees all the #NotMyPresident uprisings and strategically chooses NOT to make a martyr of Hillary. This would deny her the opportunity of becoming the face of a radical movement around which the various Democrat groups could rally. Being perceived as playing ‘nice’ with a bitter rival might even help bridge some of the rifts in the country.

2) It’s been eight years since we’ve seen it, but this could be someone who distinguishes between the powers of government. Maybe he recognizes that it isn’t the President’s role to determine what Congress or Law enforcement does with someone under investigation. As opposed to the current occupant, and his irritating habit of announcing who is guilty or innocent before the facts of the case have even been gathered. Think: ‘If I had a son…’

This allows the FBI and Congress to proceed as they otherwise would without any perception of interference. If she’s STILL prosecuted, that’s a Win-Win for those who want to see ‘Defendant’ added to Hillary Clinton’s various titles.

Maybe once the DOJ isn’t headed by a partisan hack who met privately with someone under investigation, investigations will be free to proceed based on the findings of the investigators, rather than any limitations established by a the DOJ.

3) Announcing an inquiry while Obama still has the power to pardon her could be counter-productive. Remember how Trump was upset about our allies announcing military plans in Syria? Could he be playing it close to the vest for this reason?

Either way, now might be a good time for adjusting legislation concerning what disqualifies an elected official for office.

Maybe something along the lines of being permanently disqualified for elected office — or certain key staffing positions — if you have ever taken a plea deal to avoid prosecution or have ever received a pardon from a Governor or President.