SHOCKER: Rush Limbaugh Predicts THIS For Democrats … Can It Be True?

Published on November 11, 2016

Trump’s YUGE win was only HALF the story. The OTHER news might be even BIGGER!

If you looked at the institutions the Left have captured — Hollywood, news media, even some segments of Wall Street — it might be easy to think we’re in a losing battle.

Rush sees it differently. VERY differently.

We should have known it because we’ve been chronicling it. I’m talking about the demise of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party since 2010, the midterm elections in 2010, they lost 900 seats in that election in the House, in the Senate, go to governorships, mayors, town council, if you go all over the country, they got a shellacking. We now know that if Donald Trump had run for president in 2012 using the exact data he got versus what Obama got in 2012, Donald Trump would have beaten Obama in 2012, if you take the data from this election and measure it against what Obama had.

Hillary Clinton got six million fewer votes than Barack Obama in 2012. In 2014, the next set of midterms, the Democrats lost another 700 seats. The Democrat Party has been decimated. They have no bench. They don’t have anybody bringing up the rear in case Hillary lost. They have literally been shellacked. We have been governed by a minority against our will, and the illusion has been that they are the majority and gaining the majority and growing the majority.

The illusion has been that we are the ones dwindling away to nothing, and it’s been the exact opposite. The pollsters didn’t miss anything. They didn’t get anything wrong. They just didn’t tell us the truth about what they were seeing in these polls. You go back and look at it now. The data there was. They, exactly as I asked on the day of the election, if we’re not gonna believe them all of these months when they report the news, why believe the polls that they produce?

The Democrats are crumbling and in disarray. Excellent!

What does this mean for us? We need our representatives to shed their habit of preemptive surrender and compromise.

When we have them by the throat (that’s metaphorically, for any illiterate Liberals that might happen to read this) DON’T LET GO.

PRESS the advantage. Play to WIN, not to TIE. This is no time for ‘compromise’ and ‘crossing the aisle’. Dubya tried that. It did not produce cooperation or trust on their side, and only watered down any policy he did write would comply with their demands.

The same party that rammed disastrous Obamacare down our throats without a SINGLE Republican vote will be calling for unity and cooperation. DO NOT FORGET THAT.

The electorate did not grant them a majority with which to govern, so neither should the Republicans we have elected.

YOU have been GIVEN a mandate. YOU have the House, Senate and President. Kill the illegal executive orders. Make federal infrastructure funding conditional on compliance with existing federal laws, including immigration laws.

Make USE of it. Entrench Freedoms. Set up Charter Schools. Put solid judges in place who believe the Constitution as it is written, not as they WANT it to be written.

Their side isn’t shy of exercising the power they have for their agendas. Not at all. In fact, they were not even shy about going BEYOND their power.

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