SPLAT: Watch Police Sniper KILL Kid’s Kidnapper – WICKED VIDEO

Guns SAVE lives. Here’s proof.

What kind of lowlife holds a kid hostage, anyway?

…Now add a gun.

…Now make that kid a toddler.

Whatever your usual opinion of official lethal force, in THIS case, it’s sounding more and more acceptable, right? Of course it is! Which is why we train our police to carry and use firearms.

In this scene, the guy dumb enough to aim a gun at a toddler will soon get his chance to make an account of his choices before his Maker. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to Hell.

Dash-cam footage shows the moment an armed man holding his estranged wife’s two-year-old daughter hostage was shot dead by a police sniper last month.

Tulsa police released the footage of Salvador Reyes being shot as he pointed a gun at the girl’s head while holding her hand on the balcony of his wife’s home after a three-hour standoff.

…Over the next hours, he came out multiple times on the front balcony, showing both the girl and his gun.

Reyes did not speak English very well, so a Spanish-speaking officer was called in to negotiate him, which proved to be ineffective. About half-way through the stand-off, orders were issued to shoot Reyes in the head, if he came outside armed with the baby.

That happened at 3:06am, when he came out and pointed the gun at officers and then at the child.
Officer Jason Lawless was the officer who made the shot and remains on paid administrative leave

Officer Jason Lawless was the officer who made the shot and remains on paid administrative leave
Fearing for the safety of the child, Lawless took aim at Reyes and hit him in the head. –DailyMail

Share if the toddler’s safety is enough to justify the scumbag’s death.

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