TRAITOR: The Left TURNS On Oprah … For Saying Just FIVE Little Words

It’s no secret where Oprah’s politics lie. But one Tweet about Trump was enough to make fickle fans forget all that.

Oprah makes her politics pretty clear in this recent interview. She’s ‘with her’.

But none of that matters if she makes the grave sin of failing to rage against that great looming Bogeyman … President-Elect Donald Trump.

When everyone else was losing their collectivist minds, Oprah tweeted this:

Many of the responses are just unprintable. But here are a few:


And this one…


Really? The hatred he has unleashed? Can you name specific examples? Because we could point to the riots and violence that Hillary’s campaign paid people to stage at his events. Who’s the one ‘unleashing’ hate again? Who’s busting up cities in the name of opposing a man who hasn’t even taken office yet?

You may want to read this one twice, because you might not believe what you’ve read the first time.


Can you be specific about how this evil plan will work? If you are working illegally, or in a wasteful government department, or if your name is Loretta Lynch, sure — chances are, you could be out of work… for THAT reason.

But fired for dating? Does this tweet come with its own tinfoil hat? Where are you getting your news? And why?

Aren’t YOU the crowd who whipped so much frenzy about a Baptist businessman being in favor of traditional marriage that one of you unbalnced devotees took a bag full of Chick-Fil-A and a gun to the Christian Research Council, shooting a guard just because one of those leftist hatchet groups listed them as anti-LBGT?

And aren’t you the ones who pushed the CEO out of Moxilla for exercising – while on his own time – his right to financially support a cause he believed in that you opposed?

Trump is not the scary bully. The Leftists are. And the real reason they are so afraid is that they assume the Right will be just as vindictive and unfair as the Left would be in their position.

Oprah is the one being an adult here. Maybe you could all follow her example just a little bit better.

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