VIDEO: Watch Black Friday Shoppers Lose Their DAMN Minds Over TOILET PAPER!

It’s Black Friday and the deals are amazing! First stop, gotta get in line for some toilet paper!

That must’ve been a helluva deal on TP!

This. Is. Unreal.

Shoppers across the world have turned out in their droves on Black Friday, with chaotic scenes in stores on every continent.

A video from South Africa shows the scramble for multipacks of toilet paper.

It was taken at a supermarket in Roodepoort, to the west of Johannesburg, where satisfied-looking shoppers got their hands on a bargain.
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The worker tries to push the cart out of the stockroom, but there are too many people. After people waiting by the doors yank the multipacks of toilet paper rolls from the cart, he just tosses the rest of them into the crowd as people push and shove to grab the packages.

Watch the chaos unfold:

Back in the US, the madness turned fatal:

Two people were shot dead and two others were injured in three separate incidents in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee as Black Friday shopping kicked off.

A man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in a shooting outside of a Macy’s in New Jersey on Friday morning while another was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in
Nevada on Thursday.

A fourth person suffered a gunshot wound on Thursday at a mall in Tennessee as shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

The shooting outside the Macy’s department store occurred around 1am on Friday at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing as people lined up outside the mall for door-buster deals.

A 20-year-old Atlantic City man was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene while his 26-year-old brother, from Clayton, was shot in the leg and listed in stable condition at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Officials did not immediately say what sparked the shooting or if they had any suspects.
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