VIRAL: Jill Stein Is A COMPLETE Idiot – SHARE If You Agree

Jill Stein has initiated a recount of the votes in THESE key states, and it’s NOT about ‘electoral integrity’.

Jill Stein, failed Green Party Presidential Candidate, (also known as: ‘Jill Who’) has said that the recount is not to benefit one candidate or another.

This viral video destroys that:

Jill Stein, bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘Useful Idiot’.

Why recount the states that Hillary won narrowly?

Well, that wouldn’t be ‘fair’ — because ‘Feminism’.

It would be misogynistic to question her winning those states.

And of course, Jill’s been gushing about Castro being ‘the symbol for justice in the shadow of empire’. Jill, he was the Empire!

He was basically this guy in camo:


But then, lots of ‘Progressives’ are glossing over the atrocities committed by Castro.

Look at what this ‘useful idiot’ said about Castro. (WOW! So glad that dufus isn’t American!)

It’s not about ‘integrity’, if it were, she’d look into the states Hillary won by smaller margins.

She also wouldn’t be praising a brutal dictator that imprisoned and executed his adversaries and amassed a fortune while running his country into the ground.

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