WATCH: The Cast Of HAMILTON Scolds Pence, Crowd BOOS Him – Time For A BOYCOTT

Behold: The ‘Tolerant’ Left. Liberal elitists (including the CAST) take the opportunity to vent their spleen at Mike Pence for attending a Broadway show.

You know your night isn’t going to go well when it starts like this:

Vice-president-elect Mike Pence, a self-confessed man of the people, was delivered a message directly from the cast of Hamilton – after earlier being booed by the audience on Friday night.

As Pence made his way to his seat he was loudly booed. The jeering then got so bad that the performance had to be stopped repeatedly, according to audience members.

The booing was most likely linked to Pence’s anti-LGBT stances throughout his political career, as well as Donald Trump’s election victory this month.

‘During “You’ll Be Back (Reprise)” they had to keep pausing the song while people jeered Pence on every line. “When your people say they hate you…” Fully stopped the song for a minute while people lost their s**t. Never seen anything like it,’ one audience member tweeted.

‘I’m at #Hamilton and so is Mike Pence. Crowd booed him like crazy… Crowd went NUTS at King George’s lines “when people say they hate you” & “do you know how hard it is to lead?” He had to stop the song,’ another wrote…

…The VP-elect also came under fire for attending the show on social media.

‘Apparently, Mike Pence saw Hamilton tonight. The GOP is truly taking everything from me,’ one person wrote.
‘I’m delighted by Pence getting booed at #Hamilton, considering how much of Broadway he wants to subject to electroshock conversion therapy,’ Suleikha Snyder said.

‘Reminder that the current star of Hamilton is the incomparable Javier Muñoz, an openly gay, openly HIV-positive actor. Pay attention, Pence,’ Marc Snetiker wrote.

Isn’t that lovely? You can almost feel the snark. These are the people that are refusing to accept the results of the general election, so they have never ending protests and need coloring books and Play-Doh.

At the conclusion of the show, the cast delivered a message directly to Pence.

Watch the condescension:

Outside the theater was no better:

We must remember who these folks are.

They are the Liberal elites that have scored tickets to the most expensive show on Broadway.

Tickets to the show are notoriously difficult for the average citizen to get their hands on. Re-sale market StubHub lists the cheapest ticket for Saturday night’s show at a staggering $835. It is unclear how Pence secured a ticket.
Read more: Daily Mail

Do you want to see Hamilton? It’ll cost you… You can’t even buy them from the official source, you have to buy them ‘resale’.

Here are some ‘resale’ ticket prices for the performance on Sat. Nov. 26, 2016:



If you want to wait until the summer of 2017 to get the ‘Premium’ seats, let’s hope that Obamacare is repealed and you can use your monthly premium to score a couple of seats in the Mezzanine:


Or, if your mortgage is also paid off, you can grab yourself a couple of Orchestra seats:


[NOTE: Those are all prices for a single ticket.]

Here is the cast of Hamilton showing their support for the ‘diversity’ of views:



Hmmm… could there perhaps be some bias there?

Liberal elitist ass-hats need to be glad that we don’t do this here:

(DISCLAIMER: This is a joke. ClashDaily does not condone violence against upper-class twits.)

Oh, and by the way, although Progressives have grabbed Alexander Hamilton as their own, he’s not that simple to pigeon-hole.

The Federalist Party came into being between 1792 and 1794 as a national coalition of bankers and businessmen in support of Alexander Hamilton’s fiscal policies. These supporters developed into the organized Federalist Party, which was committed to a fiscally sound and nationalistic government.
Read more: Wikipedia

Of all the American Founders, Alexander Hamilton argued most forcefully for a powerful and active national government. Today, he is considered by some, both on the left and on the right, to have been a forerunner of contemporary progressivism. However, a close examination of the historical context and his writings proves the contrary. Hamilton’s thought differs profoundly from the progressive ideas of the 20th and 21st centuries. His vigorous defense of private property, his understanding of the necessary limits of constitutional government, and—above all—his adherence to the natural rights doctrine all point to his essential conservatism.
Read more: Heritage

Sounds like the Trump/Pence Administration’s policies.

What now, #NotMyPresident and #HamiltonCast?

Will you rage at Trump and Pence when they go anywhere?

Are they not permitted a night of entertainment that isn’t politicized because of their existence?

Let’s face it, the Theater hasn’t been a ‘safe space’ for Republicans for a long, long time.

Conservatives just don’t do this.

Oh, and if Pence is such a ‘regressive’, why did he go to ‘Hamilton‘, a show lauded for its inclusiveness?

It’s a show that made headlines for having a ‘non-white’ casting call may have violated New York ‘anti-discrimination’ law.

Saying Pence isn’t racist destroys the liberal narrative.

If the situation were reversed, it would be called ‘bullying’. Imagine a Conservative cast does that to Obama, Hillary or even Joe Biden. They’d be called out as ‘deplorable’ or ‘bitter-clingers’.

It’s the liberal hate-mongers (oh, yes! We just went there!) who cannot — and by that we mean are mentally incapable — of formulating an argument that is not based on knee-jerk emotions, but rather on sound political theory and a funny concept called ‘logic’.

No, my friends. Conservatives can’t just be ‘wrong’ in the wee little liberal minds, we must also be ‘EVIL’. It’s all about emotion, so there needs to be someone to ‘hate’. (ASIDE: That’s why there is a campaign on to vilify Steve Bannon as a ‘white supremacist’. They need a villain.)

At the performance of Hamilton, Mike Pence was cast as the villain instead of the ‘intolerant’ Liberal crybullies that booed him.

UPDATE: See Mike Pence’s ULTRA-Classy response to the incident.

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