WATCH: Crooked Hillary Is CELEBRATED By Cop HATERS, Beyonce & JayZ

In case 8 years of a President kissing celebrity’s asses hasn’t been enough for you, Hillary’s promising more of the same.

After the BRUTAL week she just went through, with the announcement of FIVE Different FBI files open on Hillary and her associates, who could Hillary call on to drum up the flagging enthusiasm?

Why, some foul-mouthed cop-haters, of course! Because degradation of women is just fine when she, Bill, or their friends do it.

Jayzee used his uncensored songs … which apparently have NOT shaken Hillary (nor Michelle Obama) ‘to their core’.

So in order to whip up interest, Hillary has brought star power to bear on her touring.

The Democratic candidate carried on her use of celebrity endorsements by bringing out the huge stars in the key battleground state of Ohio, with just four days until voters head to the ballot boxes.

She filled a big arena and had thousands screaming on their feet after a week dogged by the FBI investigation into her emails – but it was the celebrity power couple who stole the show. —DailyMail

She’ll be calling on LeBron James at another stop in her final push.

Sorry Hillary… it’s not YOU the ‘crowd’ came to see.

That’s ok, the feeling is mutual. She’d rather see stars and their money than masses of little people from flyover country. Do you remember how she was off Fundraising when Trump visited Louisiana’s Flood Victims?


Donald Trump attracted an estimated 11,000 people to a Pennsylvania hockey arena Friday night, and quickly boasted that unlike Hillary Clinton he didn’t have to share top-billing with a singer to lure in the crowds.

‘We are gonna win Pennsylvania big!’ he said as he surveyed the nearly packed house in the famed chocolate town of Hershey. ‘Look at this. I hear we set a new record for this building!’

‘And by the way, I didn’t have to bring J-Lo or Jay-Z – the only way she gets anybody,’ the Republican presidential nominee boasted. ‘I’m here all by myself. Just me. No guitar, no piano, no nothing.’

‘But you know what we do have? And it’s all of us. It’s all the same. We have great ideas and great vision for our country.’ —DailyMail

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, a noted pollster, made a first-time appearance as a warm-up speaker – highly unusual for someone in her role – and said the ordinarily Clinton-friendly Pennsylvania was ‘a dead heat’.

Then she looked around her at the sea of faces and campaign signs.

‘When I look at this packed house, I’m reminded of a joke we have on the campaign that when Donald Trump visits a venue, he attracts the largest crowd in history for someone who doesn’t play an instrument and doesn’t play a sport,’ she said.

Friday’s Beyoncé and Jay Z event drew 10,000, less than the full capacity of Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center.

That was less than Trump’s solo act.

Earlier in the day she attracted just 2,539 people for a speech in the concourse under Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, with no entertainment to offer but herself. —DailyMail

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Hillary is really looking desperate.

If the crowds are any indication… she’s losing ground. Even in the States she thought she had ‘locked up’.

Speaking of ‘locked up’…

That FBI case is putting ‘Lock Her Up’ in a brand new context.

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