WATCH: This Hood BRAWL Will Make You LAUGH & Thank God You’re NOT Them

Published on November 22, 2016

Where do we even begin..?

So we start with some tall guy taunting the one in black shirt and shorts to have a fight with the big girl.

We have NO idea why. Neither do the bystanders.

Try to ignore the annoying guy filming this who keeps chanting the name of the site he planned to share the video on.

Dude Forces His Girlfriend to Fight a Stud, Doesn’t End Well

After giving ground and being chased, giving ground and being chased, the person in the black shirt and shorts has no option but to face the big girl.

It’s hard to tell in the footage, but it appears the one wearing black was a chick.

That big girl was pretty cocky going into it, since she’s probably got 80 pounds or more on the ‘victim’. But that changed soon enough. See for yourself.

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