WHOA: Alec Baldwin Mocked Trump On SNL – Look What He’s Doing NOW

If you are one of the dozens of fans watching SNL on Saturday night to see Baldwin do Trump… prepare to be disappointed.

Hope you weren’t very attached to him in this role. The only place you’ll be seeing it now is on YouTube. Or possibly conferences.

Alec Baldwin will not play president-elect Donald Trump on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live – and could never reprise his role.

The actor’s publicist told Inside Edition Friday that Baldwin would not appear on SNL this weekend. She said she wasn’t sure whether he would ever do it again.

Baldwin first unrolled his Trump impression in October, when he and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton recreated the first of three presidential debates.

His version of Trump, who spoke with a raspy voice and pursed lips, lent itself to many humorous moments on SNL’s campaign coverage.

Baldwin told WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show on Election day he was ‘trying to shed the Donald Trump cloak’.

…He said he had almost sprained his jaw trying to mimic Trump’s enunciation.
‘I’m not an impressionist, per se, but if you do any kind of comedy and they ask you to do that, most of the time, there’s some degree of appreciation, I think, involving somebody you like,’ Baldwin added.

‘Trump is somebody who, I don’t hate Trump, but he’s not somebody I admire, so it was more difficult.’ —DailyMail

So Baldwin ‘almost sprained his jaw’ doing an impersonation of Trump.

Where have we heard that before? Oh… right. Here:


Just sayin’.

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