WOW: Joe Scarborough Tells TRUTH About Media Self-Delusion… ‘CHEERLEADERS’

Published on November 11, 2016

If Joe were this straight up about politics every day, EVERYONE would watch him. Well done, Joe. This must have been hard to say. But we applaud you for saying it.

Joe points out the heavy pro-Hillary tilt. He called them cheerleaders for Hillary. Some had even admitted they saw their jobs as being to bolster Hillary, and defeat Trump.

— Nate Silver got slammed for saying Trump had ANY chance of winning.

— Media giants completely ignored the world outside Manhattan.

‘If you really do believe that, then you believe that 50 Million people in America are racists and bigots. And if you really DO believe that? Then I take pity on you. You still don’t understand what Michael Moore — yes, what Michael Moore understands. America is hurting. Economically, middle America is hurting. ‘

He admits that even he doesn’t understand middle America. But continues, directing his comments right at the media elite:

‘Do you know what I did, that [we] did, that you didn’t do? We actually TALKED to them. And they TOLD us they were hurting. And they TOLD us why they were voting for Trump.

[turns to panelist] you toured with Trump the last 72 hours… and you’ve seen crowds that you’ve never seen before!


It shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Remember the reaction when Trump went to the flood victims? And Hillary went to fundraisers? And Obama went to the 19th Hole?

THAT is what people responded to.

His actions — more than his words — gave them hope. And they wanted change.

And the press couldn’t — no, they wouldn’t — see it.

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