BREAKING: Concealed Carry ON CAMPUS Approved By THIS State’s Legislators!

Published on December 9, 2016

NEVER AGAIN. Looks like Ohio legislators really DID learn something from those OSU attacks… ‘Campus Carry’.

A bill allowing licensed gun owners to carry concealed firearms on college campuses was passed Friday by Ohio lawmakers, Reuters reported — less than two weeks after a stabbing attack at Ohio State University left 11 injured.

The state’s senate passed the bill 22-8 after representatives did likewise 68-25 late Thursday, Reuters said. All that remains is the signature of Republican Gov. John Kasich.

If the bill becomes state law, Reuters said trustees at public colleges would have the option to allow concealed carry. —The Blaze

Because a good guy with a gun was on the scene, countless unarmed citizens were spared gruesome and untimely deaths.

They seem to have gotten the message that a good guy with a gun isn’t always within shouting distance. Solution? Get more guns in the hands of more ‘good guys’. (And yes, ladies… that means you too.)

This is really good news for patriots. It’s really good news for civillians who do NOT carry. And it’s really BAD news for the next wild eyed madman to blow through campus.

The Left keeps saying they want to see victims empowered. If they REALLY believed this.. they would be overjoyed. Because the next time some jackwagon tries to slaugher students for in the name of the ‘religion of peace’ the ‘victims’ will be ready to put him down like a rabid dog.

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